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College of Liberal Arts
Department of History
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Degree: B.A.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

The history department seeks to make students aware of the human cultural heritage, the great problems that have faced humans throughout history and how we have sought to solve them.

The department also trains students to apply the historical method which offers analysis based on the dimension of time. Discussion, focused on concrete, specific events, persons and judgments, eplains why things are as they are. Students learn effective historical research and writing.

Through the study of history, students prepare for careers in public service agencies; as members of management teams, particularly in the area of policy analysis; for careers in teaching; or for advanced work in history and other social sciences.

Undergraduate Program


History -- B.A. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the B.A. degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    1. Complete 4 of the following:
      HIST 100X -- Modern World History** (3 credits)
      HIST 101 -- Western Civilization (3 credits)
      HIST 102 -- Western Civilization (3 credits)
      HIST 121 -- East Asian Civilization (3 credits)
      HIST 122 -- East Asian Civilization (3 credits)
      HIST 131 -- History of the U.S (3 credits)
      HIST 132 -- History of the U.S (3 credits)
    2. Complete the following:
      HIST 475W -- Historiography (3 credits)
      HIST 476W,O -- Senior Thesis (3 credits)
    3. Complete HIST electives at the 300- and 400-level. Include courses from at least 2 of the following fields: (15 credits)
      European History:
      HIST 305 -- Europe: 1789-1850 (3 credits)
      HIST 306 -- Europe: 1850-1900 (3 credits)
      HIST 315 -- Europe: 1900-1945 (3 credits)
      HIST 316 -- Europe Since 1945 (3 credits)
      HIST 320 -- Modern Scandinavia (3 credits)
      HIST 321 -- English History (3 credits)
      HIST 322 -- English History (3 credits)
      HIST 401 -- Renaissance and Reformation Europe (3 credits)
      HIST 402 -- Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Europe (3 credits)
      HIST 464 -- History of Russia (3 credits)
      U.S. History:
      HIST 430W -- American Colonial History (3 credits)
      HIST 435W -- Civil War and Reconstruction (3 credits)
      HIST 440 -- U.S. Westward Expansion 1763-1867 (3 credits)
      HIST 441 -- The Development of the American and Canadian West 1867-Present (3 credits)
      HIST 450W -- Twentieth Century America (3 credits)
      HIST 451 -- History of U.S. Foreign Policy*** (3 credits)
      Northern History:
      HIST 320 -- Modern Scandinavia (3 credits)
      HIST 345 -- Maritime History of Alaska*** (3 credits)
      HIST 354 -- Canadian History to 1867 (3 credits)
      HIST 355W -- Canadian History: 1867 to Present (3 credits)
      HIST 375W -- History of the Northern Pacific (3 credits)
      HIST 460 -- Russian America (3 credits)
      HIST 461W -- History of Alaska (3 credits)
      HIST 470W -- Researching and Writing Alaska History (3 credits)
      HIST 481W -- Polar Exploration and its Literature (3 credits)
      HIST 483W -- 20th Century Circumpolar History (3 credits)
      Asian History:
      HIST 330 -- Modern China (3 credits)
      HIST 331 -- Modern Japan (3 credits)
  4. Minimum credits required (120 credits)

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.

** If used to fulfill core requirements, HIST 100X may not also count toward a history major.

*** Independent Learning only.

Note: History majors are strongly urged to consult with the history department regarding the selection of a minor.

Note: Students who intend to pursue a career in secondary education are strongly encouraged to complete HIST 461W -- History of Alaska, plus at least one upper division course in each of the following areas: European History and U.S. History.


  1. Complete HIST electives at the 300-level or above (6 credits)
  2. Complete HIST electives (12 credits)
  3. Minimum credits required (18 credits)

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