About The Program

The CASE (Changing Alaska Science Education) for enhancing understanding of climate change program partners science graduate teaching fellows with K-12 teachers in the state of Alaska. Graduate fellows work in the classroom alongside of teachers to help teach hands-on science and to present research in a real world context. 

Program goals include:

1) improving science communication skills among graduate students;

2) engaging and inspiring K-12 students to follow science careers;

3) demonstrating that science is stimulating, creative, and fun.


The 2014 GK-12 CASE summer institute was held from August 4th-12th, 2014.  Here, teachers and fellows compare a regular chemistry activity to one that has been "shifted" to be more inquiry-based.

What's New

Designing an egg catcher at the 2014 summer institute


New certificate launched

Science graduate students can now enroll in the Certificate for Science Teaching and Outreach program. The 12-credit program prepares science graduate students for careers in science that include teaching and/or communicating science to the public.

For more information, contact Laura Conner (ldconner@alaska.edu).