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UAF science graduate students

Are you interested in enhancing your teaching skills? UAF now offers a graduate certificate in science teaching and outreach. The program prepares science graduate students for science careers that include teaching and/or communicating science to the public. It does NOT meet the requirements for earning a state teaching certificate and will not allow graduates to apply for certified positions in the K-12 school system. Such training will enhance readiness for college-level teaching and university outreach activities by providing hands-on training and familiarity with pedagogical theory. The certificate is expected to increase competitive ability in the higher education job market.

For more information about the certificate, please contact Laura Conner (


K-12 teachers

The CASE GK-12 program is currently in its last year. However, there are still opportunities to host a science graduate student in your classroom. Through our Communicating Science course, we place graduate students in K-12 classrooms to teach a series of four related science lessons. Through our new Science Teaching and Outreach Certificate, we place graduate students in classrooms to develop and teach a science unit.

If you are interested in hosting a student, please contact Laura Conner (

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