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Resume Pitfalls

  • Too long. Most new graduates should restrict their resumes to one page. If you are having trouble condensing, visit with your Career Services staff.
  • Typographical, grammatical, or spelling errors. These errors suggest carelessness, poor education, and laziness. Have others proofread your resume! Do not rely on spell or grammar checkers.
  • Hard to read. A poorly typed or copied resume looks unprofessional. Use a computer. Use a plain typefaces, no smaller than 10-point font. Bullets, underlining, boldface type and italics should be used only to make the document easier to read.
  • Too verbose. Do not use complete sentences or paragraphs. Say as much as possible with a few words as possible. A, an, the, and I can almost always be left out. Put your best foot forward without misrepresentation, falsification, or arrogance.
  • Too sparse. Give more than the bare essentials, especially when describing related work experience, skills, accomplishments, activities and interests.
  • Irrelevant information. Tailor each resume to each position you seek. Include all education and work experience, but emphasize only relevant experience, skills, and activities. Do not include marital status, age, gender, children, height, weight, religious affiliation, etc.
  • Too snazzy. Use good quality bond paper, but avoid exotic types, colored paper, photographs, binders, and graphics.
  • Boring. Make your resume as dynamic as possible. Use action verbs and adjectives to describe what you accomplished on the job. Quantify your accomplishments, e.g., how many people you supervised, how much you increased revenue, etc. Avoid using superlative language. Take advantage of your rich vocabulary and avoid repeating words.
  • Too modest. The resume showcases your qualifications in competition with other applicants. Put your best information forward!