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Guidelines on Resume Design

Although the information you choose to highlight about yourself is vital to your resume's effectiveness, there are some important design guidelines for building a good resume.


A one-page resume works well for the recent graduate. If you have extensive work history, two pages are reasonable. If you are eliminating information that will help you obtain the interview just to keep your resume to one page, you are only hurting your chances of securing the interview. If you do go to two pages, make sure the most important information is stated on the first page. Be sure to include your name and contact information on each page of the resume.


  • An organized, readable layout determines whether a resume is read. Make sure it is concise. Direct the reader's eye with the format. Use 10-12 point font size for the body text.
  • Use bullet points with action verbs to describe your duties
  • High-quality white, off-white, ivory, or beige paper is preferred. Avoid papers with marbled textures or speckled backgrounds because they photocopy poorly.
  • Use a word processor with a laser printer or have your resume professionally copied.
  • Make sure there are no typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors.
  • Use format style without contractions or acronyms.


  • Design your resume with a particular objective in mind. Present information important to the objective first.
  • Sell yourself, attracting attention to your special abilities.
  • Be selective about what you include, but never falsify or exaggerate information
  • Place dates on the right-hand side of the resume in order to de-emphasize them. You do not want them to distract the reader, but at the same time, you want them to be easy to find.