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Please join us in honoring student employees for their success in both academics and employment at UAF in the current year and past years.  These students display exceptional qualities in the workplace, including professionalism and initiative and have demonstrated a commitment to the UAF community and mission.  Two stars (**) indicate award recipients.

For more information about the Exceptional Student Employee Award and to nominate a student who effectively balances excellent job performance and successful academics for the current semester, (click here)


Gavin Bell- Geophysical Institute, Operations
Kristine Deleon- Residence Life
Iris Fletcher- Residence Life
Jessica Harding- School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Moriah Hunstiger** - Residence Life
Dani Johnson** - Geophysical Institute, Design Services
Meghan Jones- Residence Life
Michelle Klaben- Outdoor Adventures
Ketsiri Leelasakultum** - Geophysical Institute, CNSM
Brahm Lower- Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Paul Moore- Facilities Services HVAC Shop
Margaret Ransdell-Green- Foreign Languages Department
Erik Talvi- Computer Science Department
Paul Tschida- Student Support Services
Emilie Valentine- Residence Life
Rachel Ward- Student Support Services

Kaz Alvarez** - GI Outreach Office

Sarah Belmont - UAF Human Resources
Charlene Church - Rural Student Services
Dustin Cozby** - UAF Writing Center
Weston Davey - Office of Grants and Contracts Administration
Kevin Fraley - SFOS Institute of Marine Science
Marina Gano - School of Education
Brian Green - Dept of Anthropology
Shelly Kells - Graduation Services
Kelly Kohler - Residence Life
Corey Oldham - Animal Resources Center
Dina Stretiner** - UAF Alumni Association
Huy Tran - Geophysical Institute
Sarah Walker** - Dept of Alaska Native Studies and Rural
                                   Development Festival of Native Arts Office

Jun Yao - Institute of Northern Engineering

Gissell Cravener** - Business Office

Kayla Harrison - ARSC
Staci Lester - FS Design & Construction
Paul Miranda** - Fire Department
Levi Overbeck - Dept of Physics / CNSM
James Pearce - Wood Center
Najmus Saqib** - Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics
Dan Stange - Dept of Physics / CNSM

Johnathan Dillon - Residence Life
Bindu Gadamsetty - Statewide Academic Affairs, K12 Outreach
Michael Golub **- ASUAF
Elizabeth Tsigonis - Student Support Services
Brianna Webb - UAF Business Office

Larsen Hess - Wood Center
Paul Martz - Residence Life
Brianna McNall - Disability Services
Tom Moran** - Alaska EPSCoR
Malia Vansant - Wood Center
James R. Ward - SNRAS/AFES Greenhouse & Controlled Environment Research

Stefanie Attwood** - Orientation Office
Fawn Carter - Office of the Registrar
Elizabeth Focella** - Women's Center
Cristen Harrison - Center for Health and Counseling
Amanda Mortensen - Facilities Services Warehouse
Iwalani Namauu** - Residence Life / Conference Services
Cameron Poindexter** - Residence Life

Jason Addison** - Geology & Geophysics
Aric Bills - Alaska Native Language Center
Nicole R. Brandt - Office of Admissions
Gwendolyn P. Brazier - Music
Dave Burum - Hess Village
Jolie Crow - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Darcy Davies - Cooperative Extension Service
Carlise Eck - Alaska Summer Research Academy & CSNM Dean's Office
Jake Foster - Developmental Education / Student Support Services
Ryan Gaylor-Keele - Wood Center Front Desk
John Grella - University Fire Department
Brittany Hoch - Financial Services / Accounts Payable
Julie K. Jackson - Institute of Arctic Biology
Alexey S. Kotlovenko - Petroleum Engineering
Heather Kraemer** - Wood Center
Fiona Lundquist - Theater UAF
Sarah McCarr - Financial Aid Office
Crystal McGill** - School of Management / Accounting Lab
Melissa Miller - Financial Services / Accounts Payable
Rebecca Missler** - Geology & Geophysics
Naomi Iwalani Namauu - Residence Life / Conference Services
Debasish PaiMazumder - Geophysical Institute
Rebecca Phillips - Residence Life
Cameron Poindexter** - Residence Life
Cody Rogers - Wood Center / Student Activity Office
Madeline Scholl - SFOS
Alisha Stalker - Women's Center
Megan Sweeney - Student Advising Center, Orientation, Volunteer for Admissions
Lovroc Valcic - Alaska Volcano Observatory / Geophysical Institute
George Sam Walker V - Residence Life


Travis Alatalo - Career Services
Rachel Bifelt - College of Liberal Arts & Psychology 
Sarah Bussa - School of Education
Kyle Crane** - Northern Leadership Center & SOM
Cole Crockett** - University Fire Department
Juan Cruz - Wood Center Student Activities
Eddy Hix - Northern Leadership Center & School of Management
Cassandra Sanborn - Academic Advising Center
Matthew Smith** - Writing Center & Computer Laboratory
Erik Talvi - Computer Science Department
Matt Van Veldhuizen - Arctic Region Supercomputing Center

Travis Alatalo ** - Career Services
Kelcy Brunner - Developmental Education
Irmelin Gram-Hanssen ** - Northern Studies
Maureen McCombs - Marketing and Communications
Virginia Miner - Residence Life
Nycolett Ripley - Honors Program
Chynna Sandgren - Office of Admissions and the Registrar
Najmus Saqib - Mathematics and Statistics
Huy N.Q. Tran - Geophysical Institute

Shelly Kells- Office of Admissions and the Registrar: Graduation Services
Danel Mason- Northern Leadership Center
Nashorh J Maynard- Department of Athletics and Campus Recreation
Brianna McNall ** - UAF Disability Services
Anne E. Pierce ** - Department of Developmental Education
Dina Stretiner- UAF Alumni Relations/ Association Office

Deven Barnett ** - Dept. of Developmental Education

Robin Burke - School of Management
Michael Cross - OIT / Campus Technology Services
Nicole Dunham - Facilities Services
Mihla Hall-Pimentel - UAF Graduate School
Maarit Hamilton** - English Department
Shannon Mertes - Career Services
Anne Vance** - Career Services

Sarah Belmont - UAF Human Resources
Lisabeth "Lizzy" Eddy** - Wood Center / Front Desk
Ashley Fukuoka** - Chemistry & Biochemistry

Andrew Garry - SFOS
Geoffrey Jacobs - Institute of Northern Engineering
Elizabeth Jayne - Advance Instrumentation Lab
Christina Johnson - CRCD Health Program
Kathryn Loehr** - School of Management
Amanda Longbrake - Developmental Education Mathematics Lab
Suzanne McBride** - Music
Kirsten Mycko** - UAF Graduation Office

Denis Nikolskiy - Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
James Stugart - UA Museum of the North


Joseph Alloway - Office of Admissions
Samantha Bacon - Residence Life
Kimrah Brotherson - Residence Life
Blaine DeWalt** - Residence Life
Christen Harrison - Center for Health and Counseling
Katherine Johnson** - Developmental Education
Randi Kaihoi - Vice Chancellor's Office for Student and Enrollment Services
Ryan Keele - Wood Center
Paul McDonald - Residence Life
Jonathan Michaud - Residence Life
Larae Minteer** - Student Support Services
Bridgette Navejar - Military Services
Melissa Nelson - UAF Alumni Relations
Cameron Poindexter - Residence Life
Jescia Sigh - College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics Dean's Office
Emily Sommer - School of Education
Stephanie Standley** - Residence Life

Amanda Babcock - English
Amanda Bales - English
Fawn Carter - Office of the Registrar
Celine Gonon** - Political Science
Nicole Kaup - Admissions (Document Imaging)
Chris Tayler - Wood Center / Scheduling

Jennifer Addison** - School of Management
Charity Curlee - UAF Bookstore
Sarah McCarr - Financial Aid
Geoff Jacobs - UAF Bookstore
Courney Miklos - Residence Life
Janelle Perry - Psychology
Harumi Sasaki** - Foreign Language
Beth Sparks - Student and Enrollment Services