CANHR Travel Request Form

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This is not a secure form; please do not add credit card numbers, driver's license number or Social Security number to any of the questions.


Traveler information:


Please make sure that all travelers complete the CANHR Travel Request Form and submit it to the Travel Coordinator.


Will you need a travel advance?

NOTE: travel advances cannot be used to pay for UAF employee lodging costs. Please work directly with the Travel Coordinator to arrange a travel advance.


Will this be a group TA?

Destination, Lodging & Transportation:


Please specify multiple destinations if necessary.


Please specify the dates for all segments of multi-city travel, as well as any personal days that you may be using. All personal segments will require a "business only" comparison.


Would you like alternative routing to be suggested?

Would you like the Travel Coordinator to secure your lodging arrangements?

If your reply is "yes", please make sure that your credit card info is on file with the Travel Coordinator.


*Will you need a rental car for your trip? If so, you will need to provide a rental car justification.



If you are splitting your travel between projects, please specify which portions are applicable to which projects.


Please check all boxes that apply to this travel:

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