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8th Circumpolar Agricultural Association Conference/University of the Arctic Inaugural Northern Food Summit

29 September through 3 October, 2013 at Hotel Alyeska, Girdwoood, Alaska

Conference Theme: Advancing food security and sustainable agriculture in the circumpolar north; Building an integrated vision and creating a process for sustainable food security in northern communities.

Call for abstracts:

Interested parties are invited to submit abstracts for poster presentation at the 8th Circumpolar Agricultural Association Conference and University of the Arctic Inaugural Northern Food Summit.

We are seeking abstracts for posters relevant to all aspects of circumpolar agriculture and food security in the north. The conference will consist of invited plenary talks organized around featured topics followed by formal poster sessions where presenters will provide a brief overview of the content and purpose of their poster to organized groups. The discussion generated will continue into a series of breakout sessions organized around the following objectives:

1. Educating world leaders on the critical nature of food supplies in the Circumpolar North;

2. Encouraging the exchange of information, material, and technology of agriculture and rural development in circumpolar areas

3. Establishing and maintaining relationships with other organizations whose interests are related to the objectives of the Circumpolar Agriculture Association and the thematic network on northern food security of the University of the Arctic.

4. Discussing and defining the barriers, challenges, and opportunities of expanding the regional food economy.

Our meeting adopts the perspective that food security is a driver to community development and sustainability. We will take a balanced approach between agricultural production and access to traditional subsistence lifeways and resources. This summit bridges diverse but common key areas to support, strengthen, and expand food resources and northern community development.

A limited number of exceptional poster abstracts will be selected for 15 minute oral presentations and offered the opportunity to submit a short 5-8 page paper (400 words per page) in the refereed conference proceedings for the meetings.  Authors will be notified by May 30 with first draft due August 1.  Final acceptance of all conference abstracts requires registration by the earlybird deadline of August 1.

Abstracts should address the barriers/challenges and develop solutions/opportunities across key critical areas, such as:

  1. Food Production
  2. Food Access and distribution systems
  3. Sustainable Practices
  4. Land Use Planning
  5. Food Policy and Food Safety issues

We want to encourage a wide range of applicable topics. If you are uncertain as to the applicability of a topic please don’t hesitate to contact:

Milan Shipka at or Karen Tanino at

Abstracts must be 300 words or less, written in English, include an objective, brief methodology (if applicable), results and discussion. Poster presentations should stimulate discussion and interaction across borders and disciplinary boundaries. If English is not your native language, then the reviewing committee respectfully suggests that you seek out an English speaking reviewer prior to submitting the abstract.

It is suggested that the abstract be written in a word processing program and then cut and paste by section to the respective field areas of the form.


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