Distance Course Support

KuC distance delivered course support:

The KuC-Bethel Distance Education Department provides all sorts of clerical and technical support for students and faculty involved in distance delivered, audio conference, video conference and e-learning courses.

  • Fax and photo copy service is available in room 125B.
  • Evening support is available at the front desk weeknights, Mon-Thurs until closing at 9 p.m.
  • For test monitoring, contact Mary Twito, Administrative Assistant, 543-4584, room 127, mttwito@alaska.edu
  • For course technology support, Billie Chavez, bjchavez@alaska.edu, 543-4507 or Jerry Domnick gsdomnick@alaska.edu, 543-4590.
  • Students in other regions should contact their local campus for registration and technical support.

Audioconference instructions:

Audio conference hints:

  • Five minutes before your course starts, dial into your course using the 1-800 number. A telephone with a mute button is required. Skype, cell, or battery phones are discouraged and cause echoes, static, or disconnect from the conference. If you experience interference hang up and dial back in.
  • To quiet background noise use *6 to mute your line. #6 to unmute your line.
  • For Technical help call the Conference Center Help Line at 1-866-649-1700, provide your student pin number and/or instructor name.
  • The toll free number works in most regions of North America; students pay for costs outside the toll free zone.

Reserve space at your site to take your course:

Most students attend on-line and audio courses from their home, office, or computer. In some villages a school, library, or public office may provide space.

Bethel students may contact Mary Twito, 543-4584, mtwito@alaska.edu to reserve a room reservation. Room arrangements at KuC will be posted.

Village students who travel to Bethel may call Mary Twito to inquire about room availability at KuC.

KuC Computer Lab Access:

  • Students enrolled at KuC or UA courses may use the LAC Computer Lab; hours vary and are posted.
  • Students taking e-live courses in the computer lab need to bring their own headsets; headsets are not available for loan.
  • Plan ahead; practice logging in prior to the course start.

Technology Assistance:

UAF Office of Information Technology (OIT):

KuC helpdesk:

  • 543-4500 or kuc-helpdesk@alaska.edu
  • 1-800-478-5822; ask for Billie Chavez or Jerry Domnick
  • Students from other regions need to contact their local campus IT department.

Contact Information:

Toll Free: (800) 478-5822

Billie Chavez

Jerry Domnick


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