Ecosystem Health

Established in 2006, the Ecosystem Health program at the UAF Bristol Bay Campus has been instrumental in conducting environmental research, teachings and  trainings covering a broad spectrum of  topics related to the natural ecology of Bristol Bay and Alaska in general.

The Ecosystem Health program occupies a state certified lab, a science classroom, and a marine wetlab (due to be completed in 2014) at the UAF Bristol Bay Campus in Dillingham, Alaska. Along with the physical classroom and lab spaces, many classes in the program are held in a variety of the unique natural settings found throughout Bristol Bay and Juneau.

Most semester long classes are taught completely online using the latest synchronous delivery technologies. Students from across the state and beyond have participated in many of our online and intensive courses.

Students in the Ecosystem Health program truly have the opportunity to learn about a naturally diverse ecological unit while studying in the virtually untouched Bristol Bay ecosystem.

Classes conduct research in the following fields:

  • Aquatic & Terrestrial Biodiversity
  • Global Climate Change And Potential Impacts
  • Water Quality and Sanitation
  • Local Species Identification
  • Studies into Food Webs/ Eating Patterns
  • Sediment Porosity Research
  • Study the environmental Impacts of Mineral Developments
  • Community Awareness on Environmental Issues, both locally and globally

There are many more exciting opportunities to come in the Ecosystem Health program at the UAF Bristol Bay Campus. For more information about our program including how to register for upcoming courses please call (907) 842-5109 or toll free at 1-800-478-5109 or email


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