Student Services


Whether you are a first-time student or returning to continue your studies, there are many opportunities here at UAF-Bristol Bay Campus!

We work with a diverse population of students from 31 Bristol Bay communities. There are 3 learning centers established in King Salmon, Togiak and New Stuyahok to assist those students with basic student services related issues.

Student Services supports our students by offering academic advising, general information about enrollment, admissions, graduation, testing, tutoring, and any other University issue.

Bristol Bay Campus is committed to the success of our students whether they are taking local or semester long courses. For more information please contact:

Susan Moran, Student Services Manager

Cody Larson, Career and Academic Advisor

Clint Reigh, Career and Academic Advisor

Mission Statement

The Bristol Bay Campus, College of Rural Alaska of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, seeks to provide educational opportunities through which Alaskans, particularly Alaska Natives and rural residents, are empowered to effect social and economic changes in their communities as well as to protect and enrich the quality of their lives and culture.

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