Ways of Getting Involved!

1. Direct involvement

  • Become President/Vice-President
  • Become a Senator
  • Vote
  • Volunteer
  • Attend a Senate Meeting

Become a Senator

There are two ways to become a senator

In order to get on the ballot, you must get 100 signatures on an official petition and turn them in at least 5 days before elections start. 

Become President/Vice-President

There is only one way to become President

Direct - irregular commitment

Attend a Senate Meeting

Senate meetings are held in the alumni lounge any given sunday at 4:00pm. The Alumni Lounge can be found on your left as you enter the Post Office building on campus. You are fully encouraged to check out our meetings and Get Involved! Because major fiscal decisions are made at this time, you are also fully encouraged to go over the agenda for the next meeting (found in recent Legislation).


Participate in the ASUAF elctions! Each semester (once in the Spring, and once in the Fall) Elections are held to decide Student Body President/Vice-President, Senators, and other initiatives that is left up to the students to decide.

Voting booths will be set up around campus. Locations include: The Lola Tilly Commons, the MBS Complex, and the Wood Center.


Interested in earning 15$/hr for your club? Sign up to be a poll worker this coming election.

Please contact our Vice President with any questions about volunteering, or for more information about funding.

2. Indirect Involvement


Asuaf provides funding for student organizations on campus. find a club on campus, or visit the Student Activites Office in the Wood Center.

Governance Groups

ASUAF provides funding for the student newspaper: The Sun Star, the student radio station: KSUA, and the concert planning committee: UAF Concert Board. To see the budget, click here.

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