ASUAF Bylaws

        This document is the longest and often the most confusing of the four. It essentially expands upon the Constitution into great detail, defining all the committees, councils, assemblies and departments of ASUAF along with the powers and duties of all related positions of leadership. The bylaws also include the financial process.

        The Bylaws contain a very handy list of vocabulary and definitions (010) used not only in the majority of the governing documents, but also in Senate meetings. These terms are critical to know.

        The Bylaws also comprehensively contain the powers and duties of the Senate as a whole, and the individual Senator. This is a must-read for understanding your duties, responsibilities and powers.

ASUAF Elections Manual

       This document governs the bi-annual elections process and procedure. It is primarily used by the Elections Board.

ASUAF Constitution

This document is the shortest of the four. It is the basic procedural guideline for the Association and all its components. It contains the purpose for ASUAF, which all Senators should be well-versed in.

           The Constitution contains descriptions of the foundational purpose and power of the ASUAF President, Vice President and Senate.

           The Constitution also explains the appeal process as well as the procedure for repealing actions, reviewing referendums/initiatives, and making amendments to the constitution.

ASUAF Rules of Procedure

This document outlines the rules and procedures of the senate and senate meetings. It includes guidelines for meetings, drafting and submitting legislation, who has speaking rights, etc. If you want to conduct business on the Senate or during a Senate meeting, know these rules!        

Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks

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