Student Senators

The ASUAF Senate is responsible for legislative action of the Association. It is comprised of up to fourteen students from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Each Senator runs for election one semester and takes office the next. One year is their term of service, so their seat will be open either the Spring or Fall semester.


Current Senators

(Updated on 11/13/2013)

Spring seats

  • A: Nick, Tayesia
  • B: Barry-Garland, Eli
  • C: Strigle, Daniel
  • D: Poindexter, Shane
  • E: Reid, Cordero
  • F: Hahn, Anna
  • G: Walker, Sarah

Fall seats

Review the benefits and requirements of representing your student body in "Become a Senator"

Learn about specific duties in "Committees"

learn about your candidates and any relevent current information in "Elections"

Summer Senate

(updated 5/16/2013)

Seiler, J

Magnan, M

Zakurdaew, M

Steele, B

Strauch, A

Strigle, D

Mancill, M

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