Senate Leaders

Senate Chair

Functions of the Senate Chair

  • To lead senate meetings in a precise manner.
  • To write out agendas before meetings as a map of what is supposed to happen at each individual meeting
  • To write Minutes during meetings to document what actually happened.

Committee Chairs

Duties of the Committe Chairs

At the first meeting in the fall, the senate typically elects a chair for each of these committees.  All of the committee chairs are automatically members of the executive committee.  Each committee has 4-7 voting members, all of whom are ASUAF Senators.  The ASUAF senate chair appoints members to the various committees.  The committee chairs determine the meetings times of the committees.  Typically, the committees meet on a weekly basis.


While not a voting member of the Senate, the President has many important duties and powers related to the senate.
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While not a voting member of the Senate, the Vice-President has many important duties.
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