ROV: Engineering and Design

Dates: July 18-29, 2016

Cost: $700

Explore how engineers design and build our magical modern world. We will learn about the process of Engineering Design with a hands-on project. Using a balance of concepts and fabrication skills, we will take a “build now, re-design later” approach. A repertoire of knowledge is built from the engineering design process. Educational goals include developing an awareness of material properties, How to use hand and power tools with confidence, and working with others to solve problems. Using PVC pipe, various fasteners, and simple DC circuits, you will build a Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle! (ROV). ROV’s can be designed as stable camera platforms, acrobatic creatures, or could fulfill any design goal. If time and weather permit, we will mount underwater video cameras to the ROV's and go out to explore a nearby lake bottom. Start your career as a Fungineer now!


Patrick Dewane 

I am currently a Senior in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Graduating is proving difficult, as all the interesting classes that the university offers are spread between different degree programs! In the summer, in addition to instructing ROV, I prospect for gold. During the school year, I split my time between Computer Science, Math, Engineering, and Art. This is my 7th year involved in ASRA, and 5th with ROV. I am excited to be teaching the module, as it takes my favorite approach to engineering. Outside of school, I enjoy playing the guitar, admiring nature, and exploring Alaska.

Erick Klosiewski 

I recently graduated Montana State University with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. The MET program at MSU gave a wealth of knowledge in practical engineering, not as focused on the math, but more on the realistic scenario of how things are done practically in our world. Bridging the gap between the art and science of engineering. These classes focused on learning the how-to and why we use machine tools to achieve certain standards, including welding, subtractive machining, additive manufacturing and CNC technology involved in all of the above. 3 years as a bike mechanic and ski technician have taught me that there isn’t one way to fix problems, failure is always an option, as long as lessons are learned. In my free time I enjoy skiing with as many friends as possible, riding bikes every day, and building contraptions to make life interesting and fun.

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