Supervision and Safety

Safety is our number one priority, and providing students an opportunity to have fun is a close second.

Students are supervised by adults the entire time they are at ASRA, including pick-up and drop-off at the airport.

Students have the opportunity to take field trips, visit local businesses, sightsee, and attend events, but are always accompanied by an ASRA staff member.

Dorm rooms are segregated by gender and floor and ASRA reserves an entire dormitory for ASRA students and dorm staff (also known as resident advisors). There is at least one resident advisor (RA) for every 10 students living in the dorm. 

ASRA staff members undergo a background check, driving record check, are required to take UAF driving training, minor safety training, and RA training.  They are chosen as role models for students. They are a talented and enthusiastic group who enjoy being with bright young students. 

ASRA instructors also undergo a background check, driving record check, minor safety training, and any other training required to teach the subject being taught (i.e. lab safety training).  For each ASRA module (class) there is a Job Hazarad Analaysis created and a plan developed to avoid any potential hazards.  


For any safety questions please contact Tiffany DeRuyter at 474-6049 or


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