One Health

Dates: July 20-31

Cost: $700

While many careers in medicine involve directly working with people or animals, there is another side-- research that can lead to treatments and cures. This module will expose students to the research side of biomedicine and veterinary medicine. 

Students participating in the One Health module will investigate how botanicals and toxins affect health and longevity.  For this project, students will collect Alaskan plants, extract secondary metabolites, and use this collection to conduct research on longevity and neuro-protection using the worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, as an animal model. Students will also visit a sled dog kennel and learn about performance dogs, nutrition, and chemical markers in hair.  Students will develop and test hypotheses, use laboratory equipment to carry out their investigations, and present results at the end of the module.

If you like chemistry and biology, a research career in medicine may be for you.  This module will give you an opportunity to get a taste of what such a career might be like.


Courtney Scerbak

Courtney Scerbak is a fourth year Ph.D. student in Dr. Barbara Taylor’s laboratory at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She graduated from UAF with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in German in 2011 and was a varsity Nanook swimmer during her time as an undergraduate. She has experience working in various research laboratories studying many topics including ecology, evolution, and physiology. Her thesis research includes describing the role of Alaskan plants and fungi on neuronal aging and cellular signaling using the model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans. Courtney is excited to be involved with ASRA for her third summer and to share her enthusiasm for scientific research and learning with high school students!

Arleigh Reynolds

Arleigh Reynolds is currently an Associate Professor of Veterinary Nutrition and Associate Dean of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at UAF.  He teaches courses and conducts research in the areas of Clinical Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Metabolic Diseases of Domestic Animals, and Energy Metabolism. Arleigh has also taught courses at the University of Pennsylvania and the NYS College of Veterinary Medicine.  He worked as a clinical veterinarian for a number of years. Arleigh loves teaching and working with students and is excited to join the ASRA team this year!

Lori Gildehaus

I have an extensive science background, including a Master of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology, and over ten years experience as a research technician and a laboratory  manager. I have participated on a variety of research projects that have studied immunology, virology and toxicology. I have taught the laboratory sections of anatomy and physiology courses as a teacher’s assistant and have also been a tutor for biology, chemistry and calculus courses.  Additionally, I participated on a project that examined the effects of diet, nutrition and exercise on the cardiovascular system during which I developed a passion for understanding overall health and wellness.  As a result, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and am currently working on a Sports Performance Nutrition Certification.  Furthermore, I was the ASRA Assistant Program Manager in previous years and look forward to participating as an instructor this year. Recently, I joined the Biomedical Learning and Student Training (BLaST) Program as a Laboratory Research and Teaching Technician an am incredibly excited to be part of this innovative program.

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