Full-Stack Web Development

Dates: July 18-29, 2016

Cost: $700

Some might call us nerds or geeks. They may be right, but we are also wizards. We write complicated spells in languages held universally true. We spend hours in front of our digital grimoires carefully crafting large sets of mystic words and symbols to accomplish amazing feats. We test them extensively at each stage of the development process (and add semicolons where needed) until we develop the perfect tool--the perfect incantation--to solve the world’s problems. The keyboard is mightier than the sword, and from behind the scenes we use ours to benefit mankind. 

Web development and computer science are essentially wizardry, and they are just as important as real wizardry. This module will help you learn the basics of web development alongside computer science fundamentals. We will be building websites using tools like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Node.js. After learning the basics and completing a few simple tasks, we will move on to hosting our own websites and applications with our own Linux server infrastructure that we create front-to-back. No prior experience is required, but you should feel decently comfortable around computers and know how to treat them (and your peers) well. Experience with programming is a plus!



Noah Betzen 

Noah is a three-time ASRA alum and has taught: two high school ASRA robotics modules as an assistant instructor, his own middle school ASRA robotics module, and his own middle school ASRA computer science and web development module. He is a fifth-year undergraduate student at UAF studying computer science. He enjoys all areas of computer science, but has a particular interest in full stack web development. He is experienced with a large variety of web development and computer science tools and resources. Noah loves to teach and learn alongside his students and is an avid problem solver and troubleshooter. 


Arsh Chauhan 

Arsh is a senior computer engineering student at UAF. His interests with fields related to computer science include robotics and cyber security. He has been participating in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition for three years and has participated in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition for three years. He is currently employed with an NSF grant program building telepresence robots and introducing them to Alaskan schools in order to promote engineering among middle and high school students. His current job requires front-end web development. Other areas of knowledge include running computer servers, websites, and troubleshooting issues related to everything computers.

Nancy Porto 

Nancy is a third-year undergraduate student at UAA pursuing a bachelors of science in computer science. Her passions primarily lie in software development and UI design, with added interest in database applications. She previously studied digital art and music education before taking time off school to work full time at FOX ABC and CW television networks for two years as a video editor and motion graphics artist. With her background in education, she loves showing others how they can use technology to their advantage to achieve desired results, whether it be to produce animations for a commercial or to design a wireframe to maximize user accessibility


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