Advances in Stable Isotope Techniques and Applications

The University of Alaska Fairbanks and the School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences are pleased to host the 2012 ASITA (Advances in Stable Isotope Techniques and Applications) workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska. The workshop runs from June 10-13, 2012. This will be the 18th in this series of workshops (formerly known as CF-IRMS workshops) devoted to technical issues and applications in stable isotope analysis.
As always, this is a user driven event with short courses, presentations and poster sessions focused on techniques, methods and applications in stable isotope analysis.  The atmosphere is casual and discussions of technical issues and methodology with other participants as well as manufacturers’ representatives are encouraged.
Students who are using stable isotope analysis as a research tool are especially invited to attend the Sunday, June 10 series of short courses in basic principles in isotope geochemistry, elemental and thermochemical analyzers, and electronic basics and troubleshooting. Users experienced in instrument operation are also encouraged to attend to maintain or brush up on their skills. The three courses are both informative and entertaining. All who attend will be given a certificate of completion.

There will be four sessions for presentations on Monday and Tuesday, June 11 and 12. Oral presentations will be limited to 15 minutes each. Students should find this venue an excellent opportunity to present the practical aspect of their research in a friendly and supportive environment, and all presenters will find this a good opportunity to consult with their colleagues on stable isotope analytical issues. 
Posters will be exhibited on Monday and Tuesday. Student posters will be judged for the Moire Anne Wadleigh Student Prize in Isotope Science. Abstracts for both posters and presentations should be submitted by mid-May, 2012 for review and placement in the schedule.
Wednesday morning, June 13, will be devoted to a Q & A session on instrument operation, repair, maintenance or any questions participants have relating to isotope analytical techniques. This is the time and place to take advantage of the collective expertise that is available at the workshop.
The sun does set (briefly) in Fairbanks in June, but it never gets dark and workshop attendees will find interior Alaska a unique place to visit. We encourage you to start making plans for your trip early.