The sculpture program emphasizes a balance between concept, context and process. The available facilities for the production of sculpture consist of: mold-making, metal fabrication, ceramic equipment, a complete welding shop, a foundry for metal casting, as well as non-traditional materials and techniques. More specialized technical equipment, include a computer controlled plasma cutter and glass slumping.



Wendy Croskrey Buoy Sculpture

Wendy Croskrey

Professor, MFA

Wendy Ernst Croskrey received her B.F.A. in 1985 from The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. She obtained her M.F.A. in 1990 with a concentration in sculpture from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Wendy has served as an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. She is been an Alaskan resident since 1990, and is currently a Professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Solo and two person exhibitions include: The University of Tasmania, Australia, The Anchorage Museum of History and Art, The International Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska, Nemo Art Gallery Anchorage, Alaska, Jeffery Tabor Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, The Ohio State University Gallery, Columbus, Ohio and Katherine Nash Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota.Wendy’s work has also been included in juried and invitational gallery exhibitions at the: The Babuino Arte in Rome Italy (2006) The Poimena Gallery in Tasmania, Australia (2006), The University of Washington and the Rhode Island Historical Society (2006) University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska, The Anchorage Museum of History and Art in Anchorage, Alaska (2006), the ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona, the University Art Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, the University of Hawaii Art Gallery (2000), Beijing, China (1996), Chuck Leviton Gallery in New York (1997), and The Works in Canada (1995).

Wendy has been a visiting artist and presented workshops in Alaska, Arizona, Canada, Colorado and Minnesota. She has commissions in various regions of the country including Alaska and the Midwest.

Artist's Statement

I seek inspiration from ordinary objects and various aspects of nature such as, rocks, the pooling of water, floating forms and the colours of the natural world. Objects that appeal to me usually reference social and historical significance. The use of materials and manner of its application expresses the artist’s internal state at the time. Some works are not just the artist's observation, but also a combination of each individual viewer, a moment of shared humanity drawing the viewer into an intimate exchange. The quality of the material and the way it is utilized can also stand in for the quality of things represented. My work attempts to change the meanings of everyday objects, reevaluating or negating expected functions in order to intensify or change the viewers’ perception of the work.

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