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May 2015 Scheduled Downtime

Last Updated: Fri, 03 Apr 2015 -
Machines: linuxws pacman bigdipper fish lsi
Start Time: 05/16/2015 -- 21:00
  End Time: 05/17/2015 -- 21:00
    Reason: The annual Butrovich Computer Facility Fire Alarm and Safety Test will be
            held the third weekend in May 2015.  This event is an effort to promote 
            facility preventive maintenance and will result in the computing systems
            located in the Butrovich Computer Facility to be powered down.  All ARSC 
            systems will be taken offline and powered down starting Saturday May 16th
            and ending Sunday May 17th if all goes as planned. 
            User jobs submitted to the pacman and fish HPC clusters as well as the LSI
            bioinformatics portal will remain queued on the systems and will launch 
            after power is restored to the systems and the systems are brought back
            online and tested. 

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