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ARSC seeks to provide the needed tools and support for the University of Alaska community to be successful at their computational science, data utilization, and other activities using ARSC resources.


Support Pages


Getting Support

ARSC provides e-mail, telephone, and walk-in User support. E-mail support is preferred because it allows for an easier exchange of technical details such as commands entered and output generated.
ARSC User Support is located in the Elvey Building suite 511 on the UAF campus. The Academic Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Alaska Time.

Response Time

ARSC User Support's initial response time is within 1/2 of a business day. The time for actual resolution of user issues will vary, depending on the complexity of the problem and the need for iterating towards a solution.


Levels of Support

ARSC provides baseline support free of charge to University of Alaska faculty, staff, and students. When support needs extend beyond the baseline support described below, it becomes necessary for ARSC to charge for personnel time. Payment is accepted via an UA account code. A rate sheet for services is available upon request.


Baseline Support

Because the individual challenges faced within computational science are diverse, ARSC endeavors to provide an equally broad range of support to the ARSC users. Baseline Support includes:

Account access - Includes user account setup and diagnosing any login problems to ARSC systems.

Application software - ARSC installs a wide range of third party software on ARSC systems. Additional software requests are also accepted. ARSC will provide assistance with initial access to and software launching instructions. Writing code for the user or helping to utilize the software for any particular purpose is beyond Baseline Support and may require compensation for personnel time.

Parallel computing - ARSC will assist with learning to submit parallel jobs to the system batch schedulers as well as helping diagnose problems with jobs failing to run or complete properly.

Large capacity storage - ARSC offers guidance on the management of disk and tape data, diagnosing problems with data work-flow, and dealing with issues related to archival and backup storage.

Performance tuning - ARSC provides software and systems-level tools for assessing and diagnosing user applications. Introductions to using these tools is also available.

Systems - ARSC provides access to training and documentation regarding how to make use of the ARSC systems.

Web services - ARSC hosts web-based and database services for project web pages and web-based applications.

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