Archived News Releases

September 2009: Fall training: PHYS 693 Core Skills in Computational Science


August 2009: Discovery Lab Fall Educational Outreach Tour Schedule

June 2009: Supercomputers Tackle Challenges of Life in the Far North

May 2009: Summer Tours at the Discovery Lab

January 2009: Pingo is Now in Production

December 2008: Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Level

September 2008: Computational science core skills training schedule announced


June 2008: Forbes Elected to Cray Users Group Board

May 2008: ARSC's Discovery Lab Summer Tour Schedule 2008

March 2008: ARSC's New "Pingo" Supercomputer

December 2007: Cross-country Art Demonstrates Power of Science

December 2007: Computer Model Shows Faster Arctic Ice Melt

October 2007: ARSC Discovery Lab Hosts First Friday Event

August 2007: SAGE Investigations of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

July 2007: Midnight is in Production


July 2007: Faculty Camp Agenda Set


June 2007: ARSC Weekly Science Seminars


April 2007: Alaskan Takes Top Prize in Worldwide Digital Arts Competition

April 2007: Leading Supercomputing Center Appoints Chief Scientist

February 2007: Indigenous Cultures in Digital Cultures

January 2007: Augustine Eruption Leads to Updated Model


January 2007: International Multidisciplinary Metadata Workshop

December 2007: ARSC Afiliates Participate in the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting

December 2006: ARSC Digital Art Seminar

September 2006: CASC Scholarships for SC06

July 2006: Faculty Camp 2006


July 2006: Numerical Libraries Workshop


July 2006: Parallel Performance Evaluation Tools Workshop


June 2006: Postdoctoral Seminars 2006

June 2006: ARSC's Discovery Lab Summer Tour Schedule 2007

May 2006: Art in Virtual Reality

April 2006: Faculty Camp Open House


April 2006: Introduction to IDL Training Event


March 2006: MATLAB\xae Three 1-Day Training


March 2006: Symposium on Parallel Computing with MATLAB\xae


March 2006: Hardware Upgrades to Nelchina, ARSC Cray XD1

March 2006: Learn to Use 3D Terrain Visualization and GIS Tools


February 2006: Contemporary Music Goes Worldwide on Acess Grid

January 2006: Cluster Computing Available

January 2006: GNU Emacs Training at ARSC


December 2005: Eighth-grader Steps into Supercomputing

November 2005: ARSC Announces the Return of MATLAB\xae Training

October 2005: VR Juggler and its Architecture

September 2005: Core Skills Training for Computational Science


September 2005: MATLAB Training 2005


September 2005: 2005 Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award Recipients

August 2005: Alaska Research Summer Challenge Interns Conclude 3 Months of Development

August 2005: NSF Alaska Research Summer Challenge Interns 2005


August 2005: Faculty Camp 2005 Schedule

August 2005: FPGA Symposium

August 2005: Faculty Camp 2005

August 2005: MATLAB\xae Training

August 2005: Alaska Research Summer Challenge Interns Conclude Three Months of Development

August 2005: Discovery Tuesdays

June 2005:Real-Time High-Resolution Weather Modeling in "Rugged" Regions

June 2005: Project Gutenberg

May 2005: First Friday Art Walk

October 2004: Announcing Open System Status

October 2004: Discovery Tuesdays at ARSC

November 2004: ARSC Director Named CASC Chair

November 2004: UPC Class

September 2004: Chilkoot and Yukon Retire

August 2004: Math Lecture Series

May 2004: Summer Tours at ARSC

April 2004: ARSC Installs Cray X1

March 2004: Drummng Goes Global

February 2004: Opportunities for Collaboration, Purdue and UAF

January 2004: Richard Barrett Talk

August 2003: Faculty Camp at ARSC

August 2003: ARSC and Cray Release Portable BioLibrary

August 2003: Interns Super-Compute in the Arctic

June 2003: Summer Tours at ARSC

May 2003: Lake Appointed Interim Chief Scientist

March 2003: ARSC Celebrates 10th Anniversary

December 2002: Bioinformatics at UAF and ARSC

September 2002: Dude! He's Getting a Dell!

August 2002: West Point Cadet Arrives at UAF

June 2002: Cray SX-6 Installed at ARSC

Devember 2001: ARSC First to Install New Supercomputing Technology

July 2001: ARSC Partners with Institute for Systems Biology

April 2001: Supercomputing Upgrades at UAF

September 2000: New Supercomputer to Arrive in Fairbanks

July 2000: New Partnership Tests Advanced Supercomputing System

June 2000: Cadets Compute at UAF

April 1999: University's Internet Connection Quadrupled

February 1999: UAF Supercomputer Doubles in Size

December 1998: University Researcher to Demonstrate New Technology at SC98

November 1998: University Researcher to Demonstrate New Technology at SC98

August 1998: Texas/Alaska Summer Intern Program Draws to a Close

June 1998: Summer Tours are Here

March 1998: Denali Career Highlights

March 1998: New Supercomputer Arrives in Fairbanks

February 1998: The Beowulf Project

November 1997: Thousandth ARSC User Queues Up

September 1997: Supercomputing Center Appoints Director of User Services

July 1997: ARSC and UAF Host Free Talks

June 1997: Arctic Region Researchers Awarded $133,333

June 1997: 1997 ARSC Cray Grant Recipients

March 1997: High-Tech Art Erupts at UAF and ARSC

March 1997: Arctic Region Scientists Slated for April Parallel Computing Conference

February 1997: Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Installs CRAY T3E System

May 1996: Arctic Region Researchers Awarded $350,000

April 1995: Speak Your Mind Online to the Federal Government

August 1994: Researchers Receive Grants in Supercomputing

July 1994: Scientists Gather to Study the Arctic Climate

February 1994: CRAY T3D Massively Parallel Supercomputer Installed

December 1993: CUG '95 Convention Announced for Fairbanks, Alaska

October 1993: HS Teacher Selected to Attend Supercomputer Conference

September 1993: Supercomputer on Final Leg of Journey

August 1993: Supercomputer Heads North to Alaska

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