Archived News Releases

September 2009: Fall training: PHYS 693 Core Skills in Computational Science

September 2008: Computational science core skills training schedule announced

July 2007: Midnight is in Production

July 2007: Faculty Camp Agenda Set

June 2007: ARSC Weekly Science Seminars

January 2007: Augustine Eruption Leads to Updated Model

July 2006: Faculty Camp 2006

July 2006: Numerical Libraries Workshop

July 2006: Parallel Performance Evaluation Tools Workshop

April 2006: Faculty Camp Open House

April 2006: Introduction to IDL Training Event

March 2006: MATLAB® Three 1-Day Training

March 2006: Symposium on Parallel Computing with MATLAB®

March 2006: Learn to Use 3D Terrain Visualization and GIS Tools

January 2006: GNU Emacs Training at ARSC

September 2005: Core Skills Training for Computational Science

September 2005: MATLAB Training 2005

August 2005: NSF Alaska Research Summer Challenge Interns 2005

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