Upcoming Events

Fall 2017 Registration Begins Monday, April 3rd!

ACNS  F201 UX1 The Circumpolar North (Online Only)

ACNS/ANTH  F470/670  FE1  Oral Sources; Issues/Document
                    Thursday 6:00 - 9:00pm  BUNN 301A

ACNS  F600  F01  Perspectives on the North
                   Wednesday 2:15 - 5:15pm  GRUE 413 (also Online)

ACNS/PS  F658  FE1  Comparative Environmental Politics
               Wednesday 5:50 - 8:50pm  GRUE 206

ACNS/HIST  F661  FE1  History of Alaska
                  Wednesday 5:50 - 8:50pm  GRUE 408

ACNS/PS  F669  UX1  Arctic Politics and Government (Online Only)

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