Alaska Quaternary Center

373 Reichardt Building
900 Yukon Dr.
PO Box 75-5940
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-5940

Phone: (907) 474-5433
Fax: (907) 474-5101

Programs and Activities

The AQC funds a number of visiting speakers throughout the year. Visitors are selected so that several different disciplines are covered each year, and generally give a presentation open to the public. They also sometimes speak at the Quaternary Quaff and Query and are often invited to speak at the Geology and Geophysics weekly seminar as well. In addition to seminars, visitors are given the chance to interact informally with students and faculty of relevant academic departments during AQC sponsored lunches, and casual meetings. These visits strengthen ties between department on campus and leads to further interactions with other institutions.

The aforementioned Quaternary Quaff and Query is a relatively informal gathering which takes place once a month at the UAF pub. It is a chance for graduate students, faculty and even visiting speakers to present their work in a casual environment, while enjoying one of the excellent microbrews available.

Periodically the AQC offers quaternary field trips in conjunction with cooperating groups such as ADGGS (Alaska division of Geologic and Geophysical Surveys), UAF Geology Club, the Alaska chapter of the FOP (Friends of the Pleistocene) and others. In August of 2004 the AQC and ADGGS teamed up to organize a field trip surveying ground traces and effects of movement along the Denali fault.