Alaska Quaternary Center

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Quaternary Science is the multi-disciplinary study of geological, biological, climatological and human systems of the past two million years (the Quaternary Period), and the evolution of these systems into present conditions on Earth. The Alaska Quaternary Center (AQC) is committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary research and the enhancement of interdisciplinary instruction in Quaternary sciences.


Talk by Beth Shapiro: "The evolutionary consequences of interspecies hybridization: insights from brown and polar bear genomes".  April 21st, 2016; 3 pm, Murie Auditorium in the Murie Building, UAF campus.  Go to IAB's Seminar page for more information. 


AQC Student Travel Grant competion is now open!  Go to the travel grant page for instructions and application.  Applications are due by 5 pm Friday, April 15, 2016


Fundraising for AQC:  We are beginning fundraising efforts to reinstate our speaker series.  See Visiting Speakers  and Past Speakers for previous visitors.  More information on fundraising to follow.