About the APUA

Purpose and Scope

The Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska focuses on research in the circumpolar north and consists of original papers on topics related to arctic or subarctic anthropology. Our geographic scope includes Scandinavia, Eurasian Arctic/Subarctic, North American Arctic and Subarctic, including Greenland. Produced by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Anthropology since 1952, APUA offers a collection of scholarly papers written by noted authorities in the field.



APUA editors are currently accepting original manuscripts, including monographs, special issues (e.g., conference proceedings), and research articles. For discipline-specific multi-authored editions (e.g., Dene-Yeniseian Connection), the APUA style guide can be modified, but we generally recommend Chicago Style for cultural and linguistic anthropology, and American Antiquity style for archaeology and physical anthropology. Contact the appropriate Associate or General Editor for specific questions regarding submissions.

Ben Potter, General Editor

Jamie Clark, Associate Editor (Archaeology)

Kara Hoover, Associate Editor (Biological Anthropology)

Patrick Plattet, Associate Editor (Cultural Anthropology)

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