Undergraduate Studies

The UAF Anthropology Department is committed to scholarship and research in anthropology with a general geographic focus on the circumpolar regions of the north, as well as research and instruction covering a variety of other world areas and topical subjects. The teaching and research activities in the department cover the four sub-fields of the discipline: archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic and social/cultural anthropology. The undergraduate program aims to give students a solid introduction to the discipline, with the opportunity to concentrate study in one or more of the four sub-fields, and to gain research experience and training in the field and in the laboratory.  We highly encourage students to participate in the University Honor's Program. We strongly advise eligible students to engage in a Capstone Research Project, which encourages intellectual independence and creativity and, as appropriate, to introduce the student to proper research methods in preparation for graduate and/or professional work.

All students are required to take 200-level core courses in three out of the four sub-disciplines, as well as a 300-level course in the History of Anthropological theory. Overall synthesis for the program is accomplished in a 400-level senior seminar that brings the four sub-fields to bear on a particular research topic (migration, human environment relationships, etc.). Additional degree requirements vary relative to the program of study: BA or BS. Please note that if you opt for a BA degree, you must also complete a minor. A minor is strongly encouraged for BS students as well.

Society of the Raven

Society of the Raven is a social group that meets weekly (Tuesdays at 1 in 402) for undergraduate majors and anyone interested in anthropology! 

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