Field schools provide students with instruction and hands-on experience in methods of field research. The department maintains a strong orientation to fieldwork and UAF Anthropology faculty and students are involved in many field-based research programs.

Archaeological surveys and excavations focus have a strong Alaska focus including such topics as the peopling of the New World, arctic/subartic coastal adaptations, the prehistory of Alaska 's Native populations, and historic Athabaskan and Euroamerican land-use patterns.

Sociocultural anthropology field opportunities include ethnohistoric studies of Alaska 's populations and research on contemporary village life in Alaska . Field opportunities also include various topics in the Russian far North.

Biological anthropology field opportunities have a focus on the excavation of human skeletal remains in various locations around the world addressing such topics as population expansion and migration, biocultural adaptation to changing environments and resources, and the health consequences of environmental and cultural change.

Details on specific faculty and graduate research can be found under the People and Research tabs of this website. This information will assist you in determining the potential for field study within your own area of interest.

Current Field School

2012 Field School in Subarctic Archaeology: Mead Site Dates: May 21 to June 23, 2012.

Now accepting application for 2012 Field School in Subarctic Archaeology: Mead Site

Archaeological Field School at Mead (2012), PI Ben Potter

Previous field schools

Archaeological Field School at Meadá(2011), PI Ben Potter

Archaeological Field School at Meadá(2010),áP.I.: Ben Potter

Archaeological Excavation at Teklanika West (2009),áP.I.: Ben Potter

Archaeological Field School : Tanana Basin Archaeology and Gerstle River Excavation (2000, 2001, 2003, andá2008), P.I.: Ben Potter

Archaeological Field Methods: Brooks Range (2006),áP.I.: Dan Odess

Physical Anthropological Research in Jalisco State , Mexico (2000, 2006),áP.I.: Joel Irish

Physical Anthropological Research in Arica , Chile (2005),áP.I.: Joel Irish

Physical Anthropological and Archaeological Research at Hierakonpolis , Egypt (2001, 2002, 2003),áP.I.: Joel Irish

Archaeological Field School : Archaeology of the Middle Yukon River Basin (Cooperative Archaeological Field School , UAF and Tanana Chiefs Conference) (2002),áP.I.: Maribeth Murray

Collaborative Archaeological Research at Lake Clark/Katmai National Park (UAF and National Park Service) (1998-2001),áP.I.: Maribeth Murray and Jeanne Schaaf (NPS)

Archaeological Field School : Atigun Pass (1999),áP.I.: Maribeth Murray

Archaeological Field School : Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve (1999),áP.I.: Jody Patterson

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