Tayana Arakchaa

Education: Diploma Degree (English Language), Irkutsk State Linguistics University; MA Anthropology, Boise State University.
Thesis: The Household and Property Relations in Tuva
PhD Dissertation: Reindeer, Dogs, Horses, and Furs: A Critical Ethnography of Hunting Economies among the Tozhu of Southern Siberia (Republic of Tyva, Russian Federation)
Research interests: Siberian anthropology, ecological anthropology, indigenous peoples of Siberia, reindeer herding systems, animal-human relationships, Republic of Tyva
Email: tarakchaa @ alaska.edu


Robert Bowman

Education:  BS Anthropology (2010), UAF; MA student
Research Interests: Geoarchaeology, Alaskan Prehistory
Email: rcbowman @ alaska.edu  


Chris Cannon

Education: BS Wildlife Biology (2007) University of Alaska, Fairbanks; MA Northern Studies (2014) University of Alaska, Fairbanks (Thesis: Alaska Athabascan Stellar Astronomy); PhD student
Dissertation Topic: Northern Dene Astronomy
Research Interests: Northern Dene astronomy and culture; environmental cognition; indigenous wayfinding and navigation

Aimee Ely

Education:   BS Anthropology (2009) UAF; MA student
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, Alaskan archaeology, 3-D Modeling, Human-Environment Interactions, & Cultural Resource Management, Museum Management
Thesis Topic: Osteological Assessment of Human Remains Curated at UAMN
Email: agely @ alaska.edu / age @ northernlanduse.com


Kaitlyn Fuqua

Education:  BS in Agricultural Biology, Iowa State University (2014) MA Student
Research interests: arctic and subarctic archaeology, technological organization and settlement patterning of prehistoric groups, GIS modeling
Email:  knfuqua @ alaska.edu


Della Cassidy Hall

Education: B.S. History, Technology, and Society with minor in French (2011) Georgia Institute of Technology, M.A. History with Museum Studies certificate (2013) University of Delaware, MA student
Research Interests: linguistic anthropology, ethnology, museum studies, material culture, the American West, native cultures, technology, gender
Email: dchall@alaska.edu


Kelly Harrigan

Education:  BA Anthropology (2000), UAF; MA Deaf Studies with an emphasis in Deaf Culture (2013), Gallaudet University); PhD student
Research Interests: anthropomorphism within American Sign Language literature, British Sign Language literature, embodiment and personification within signed literature and what those items have to say about Deaf culture.
Email: kharriga @ alaska.edu


Davin Holen

Education:  BA History (1995) University of Alaska Anchorage, MA Applied Cultural Anthropology (2002) University of Alaska Anchorage, PhD Candidate

Dissertation Topic: Fishing for Community and Culture: The Value of Fisheries in Rural Alaska

Research Interests: Subsistence, fisheries anthropology, human-environment interactions, social-ecological systems, applied anthropology; Alaska, West Africa.

E-mail: dlholen@alaska.edu


Caitlin Holloway

Education: BS Anthropology (2012) Eastern Michigan University; MA student
Research Interests: Arctic and subarctic archaeology; geoarchaeology; subsistence and settlement patterns; human-environment interactions; paleoenvironment.
Email: crholloway @ alaska.edu


Joseph Keeney

Education:  BS Anthropology, BA Geography (GIS focus), BA Philosophy (2012) Central Washington University; MA student
Thesis topic:  Zooarchaeological and lithic analysis of a 6,000 year-old faunal assemblage from Lake Matcharak in Alaska’s Central Brooks Range 
Research Interests: Archaeology of the Arctic and Subarctic; hunter-gatherers; archaeological science; technological variability in Alaska during the Holocene; lithic analysis; faunal analysis; human behavioral ecology; peopling of the Americas; GIS and remote sensing; cartography; philosophy of science
Email: jwkeeney @ alaska.edu


Ilona Kemp-Noordeloos

Education: Bachelor of Education (2009) Hogeschool Utrecht The Netherlands; Master of Science (2011) Social and Cultural Anthropology;  PhD student
Thesis: On the Ice Edge: Inupiaq people and climate change in Barrow, Alaska);
Field region:  Alaska's North Slope, Bristol Bay. Ethnic group: Inupiaq and Yup'ik people
Research interests:  Marine anthropology, environmental anthropology, history and culture of Alaska Native people, political ecology, historical ecology, climate change, climate change politics, environmental justice
Email:   ihkemp@alaska.edu


Shiaki Kondo

Education:  BA International Liberal Studies (2009) Waseda University; MA Literature (2011) Waseda University (Thesis: Shape-Shifting Snakes and Bewitching Cats: Gift-giving, Retaliation, and Marriage between Humans and Animals in Oki District, Shimane Prefecture, Japan); PhD student
Dissertation Topic:  Bird-Lovers in the Boreal Forest: Survival, Reciprocity and Otherness in Upper Kuskokwim Region, Alaska
Research interests: Anthropology of religion, ethno-ornithology, non-human personhood, indigenized Christianity, animal worship, interior Alaska, western Japan
Email: skondo @ alaska.edu
Personal website: http://researchmap.jp/skondo/?lang=english


David Lukaszek

Education: BA Anthropology/Sociology/Philosophy (2002) Canisius College; MA Anthropology (2004) University of Montana (Thesis: Taxonomical Structures of Australopithecus: A Reanalysis of Hominid Phylogeny); PhD candidate
Dissertation: A Metric Investigation of the Cranial Base and Vertebrae among Extant African Homininae: Discrimination across Posturo‐locomotory Complexes
Research Interests:  Evolutionary Theory, Fossil Hominins, Osteology, Biomechanics, and Bipedalism, Taxonomy and Epistemology
Email:  dlukasze @ alaska.edu


Erin McAulay

Education: BA Japanese Studies (2013) UAF; MA student

Research Interests: Bioanthropology in Japan, Japanese culture and language, ancient DNA, genetics/human variation, Moravia, medieval Europe

Thesis Topic: Ancient DNA analysis of early medieval Moravians: population affinity and molecular sex identification

Email: eemcaulay@alaska.edu


Katherine M. Mulliken

Education: BA Anthropology and Geology (2012) University of Hawaii; MA student
Research Interests: Subarctic, Arctic and Pacific archaeology, geoarchaeology, lithic analyses, GIS, landscape archaeology, heritage management
Email: kmmulliken @ alaska.edu

Nick S. Schmuck

Education : BA in History, Classical/Medieval/Renaissance Studies Minor (2010) Messiah College; MA in Medieval Archaeology  (2012) University of York, UK (MA Thesis:  Lost in the Landscape: Where the Dead Reside in Late Iron Age Bornholm); Ph.D. student. Focus: Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Archaeology of Southeast Alaska)

Research Interests: High latitude archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, behavioral modeling applications in GIS, coastal adaptation and human response to sea-Level change


Gerad Smith

Education:  BA Anthropology (2008) University of Montana, MA Anthropology (2012) University of Alaska Fairbanks (Thesis: Highland Hunters: Prehistoric Resource Use in the Yukon Tanana Uplands). PhD student

Research Interests: Prehistoric economics, risk mitigation analysis, behavioral modeling, seasonal mobility, systems theory, Human Behavioral Ecology, Alaskan Interior prehistory

Email: gmsmith2 @ alaska.edu

Hanna A. Stewart

Education  : B.A. (2012) University of Arizona. M.A. (2014) University of Mississippi (Thesis: From the Mouths of Mississippians: Determining Biological Affinity Between the Oliver Site (22-Co-503) and the Hollywood Site (22-Tu-500). PhD Student. 
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, Dental Anthropology, Geometric Morphometrics, Biological Distance. 

Lisa Strecker

Education:  MA University of Hamburg, Germany (Thesis: Ethnobotany of Kamchatka); PhD student
Dissertation topic:  Northern adaptations in Kamchatka: fishing for sled dogs or fishing for snow-machines?
Research interests: ethnoecology, sled dog husbandry in the Arctic, ethnohistory, historical scientific accounts of the Russian Far East, ethnobotany, invasion biology
Email: lstrecker @ alaska.edu

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