Tayana Arakchaa

Research interests: Siberian anthropology, ecological anthropology, indigenous peoples of Siberia, reindeer herding systems, animal-human relationships, the Republic of Tyva
Education:  Diploma Degree (English Language), Irkutsk State Linguistics University; MA Anthropology Boise State University (Thesis: The Household and Property Relations in Tuva); UAF PhD student
Dissertation topic:  Tozhu Reindeer Herders in the Country of Forever Blue Sky
Email: tarakchaa @ alaska.edu

Justin Bensley

Research Interests: Lithic analysis, behavioral ecology, peopling of the Americas, hunter-gatherer recourse landscapes, inter-site variability, economic and social transition, circumpolar, Mammoths
Education: BA Anthropology/Forestry (2009) University of Montana; MSc Archaeology (2010) University of Edinburgh (MSc. Thesis: The Shellfish Meme: The Scottish Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the archaeological record of shell middens); UAF PhD student
Email: jjbensley@gmail.com

Caroline Crecelius

Resaerch Interests: Linguistic Anthropology, language-landscape relationships, minority language maintenance and revitalization, Russian Far East
Education: BA Anthropology (2009) Truman State University; UAF MA student
Email: crcrecelius @ alaska.edu


Erin Dinneen

Research Interests: bioarchaeology, GIS, paleoepidemiology, stable isotope analysis.
Thesis Topic: The role of diet and environment in the etiology of anemia in the eastern United States
Education: BS Anthropology (2009) University of Wisconsin-Madison; UAF MA student
Email: edinneen @ alaska.edu

Cecilie Ebsen

Research Interests: Health, Indigenous health, Women's health, Alaska Native dancing, traditional foods, subsistence activities, Alaska/Alaska Natives, Inuit, Yup'ik
Thesis Topic: Perceptions and Practices of Health among Young, Adult, Yup'ik Women
Education: BA Cultural Anthropology (2011) Copenhagen University, Denmark; UAF MA student
Email: crebsen @ alaska.edu

Aimee Ely

Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, Alaskan archaeology, 3-D Modeling, Human-Environment Interactions, & Cultural Resource Management, Museum Management
Thesis Topic: Osteological Assessment of Human Remains Curated at UAMN
Education:  BS Anthropology (2009) UAF; UAF MA student
Email: agely @ alaska.edu / age @ northernlanduse.com

Monika Frey

Research Interests: Linguistic anthropology, foreign languages, intercultural communication, translation and interpreting, computer-aided translation.
Education: BA Translation and Multilingual Communication (2012); Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW); UAF MA student
Email: mfrey8 @ alaska.edu

Crystal L. Glassburn

Research interests: stable isotope analysis, faunal analysis, environmental reconstructions, Pleistocene-Holocene transition, megafaunal extinctions, human-environmental interactions, geographic information systems, and cultural resource management. 
Thesis topic: The Application of Strontium and Oxygen Isotopes to Identify Bison Mobility: implications for prehistoric subsistence economies in Alaska.
Education: BS Anthropology (2010) UAF; UAF MA student

Caitlin Holloway

Research Interests: Arctic and subarctic archaeology; geoarchaeology; subsistence and settlement patterns; human-environment interactions; paleoenvironment.
Education: BS Anthropology (2012) Eastern Michigan University; UAF MA student
Email: crholloway @ alaska.edu

Joseph Keeney

Research Interests: Archaeology of the Arctic and Subarctic; hunter-gatherers; archaeological science; technological variability in Alaska during the Holocene; lithic analysis; faunal analysis; human behavioral ecology; peopling of the Americas; GIS and remote sensing; cartography; philosophy of science
Thesis topic: Zooarchaeological and lithic analysis of a 6,000 year-old faunal assemblage from Lake Matcharak in Alaska’s Central Brooks Range 
Education: BS Anthropology, BA Geography (GIS focus), BA Philosophy (2012) Central Washington University; UAF MA student (anticiapted gradaution: Spring 2015)
Email: jwkeeney @ alaska.edu

Ilona Kemp-Noordeloos

Education: Bachelor of Education (2009) Hogeschool Utrecht The Netherlands; Master of Science (2011) Social and Cultural Anthropology (Thesis: On the Ice Edge: Inupiaq people and climate change in Barrow, Alaska); UAF PhD student
Field region: Alaska's North Slope, Bristol Bay. Ethnic group: Inupiaq and Yup'ik people
Research interests: Marine anthropology, environmental anthropology, history and culture of Alaska Native people, political ecology, historical ecology, climate change, climate change politics, environmental justice
Email: ihkemp@alaska.edu

Michael Kenyhercz

with Philip Tobias

Research interests: Biological anthropology, dental anthropology, biostatistics, modern human variation.
Dissertation topic:  Molar Size and Shape in the Estimation of Modern U.S. Biological Affinity: A Comparison of Relative Cusp Location Using Geometric Morphometrics and Interlandmark Distances
Education: BA Anthropology (Forensic Science minor) The Ohio State University; MS Biological and Forensic Anthropology, Mercyhurst University; UAF PhD student
Email:  mwkenyhercz @ alaska.edu

Shiaki Kondo

Research interests: Anthropology of religion, ethno-ornithology, non-human personhood, indigenized Christianity, animal worship, interior Alaska, western Japan
Education: BA International Liberal Studies (2009) Waseda University; MA Literature (2011) Waseda University (Thesis: Shape-Shifting Snakes and Bewitching Cats: Gift-giving, Retaliation, and Marriage between Humans and Animals in Oki District, Shimane Prefecture, Japan); UAF PhD student
Dissertation Topic: Bird-Lovers in the Boreal Forest: Survival, Reciprocity and Otherness in Upper Kuskokwim Region, Alaska
Email: skondo @ alaska.edu
Personal website: http://researchmap.jp/skondo/?lang=english

Stefan Krist

Education: MA Anthropology University of Vienna; UAF PhD student
Research Interests: Southern Siberia and Mongolia; Buryats, Tuvans, Mongols, Russian Old Believers; Expressive culture (especially sport and art); migration processes; religions
Dissertation Title: Wrestling, archery, and horse racing in Buryatia: traditional sport competitions as a mirror of social change
Email: skrist@alaska.edu


David Lukaszek

Research Interests: Evolutionary Theory, Fossil Hominins, Osteology, Biomechanics, and Bipedalism, Taxonomy and Epistemology
Education: BA Anthropology/Sociology/Philosophy (2002) Canisius College; MA Anthropology (2004) University of Montana (Thesis: Taxonomical Structures of Australopithecus: A Reanalysis of Hominid Phylogeny); UAF PhD candidate
Dissertation abstract: Morphology of the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Vertebrae, and Cranial Base among Primate Species: Possible Indicators in Determining Modes of Locomotion)

Email:  dlukasze @ alaska.edu

Sharla Luxton

Research interests: Bioarchaeology, Human osteology, Health and nutrition, Stable isotope analysis, Osteoporosis, Mortuary behavior, Marginalized communities and integrated populations, Faunal analysis, Technical illustration
Thesis topic: Dietary Implications on the Prevalence of Osteoporosis: Stable Isotope Analysis of Medieval Portuguese Populations
Education: BA Anthropology (2008) University of California Santa Cruz; UAF MA student
Email: saluxton @ alaska.edu 

Katherine M. Mulliken

Research Interests: Subarctic, Arctic and Pacific archaeology, geoarchaeology, lithic analyses, GIS, landscape archaeology, heritage management
Education: BA Anthropology and Geology (2012) University of Hawaii; UAF MA student
Email: kmmulliken @ alaska.edu

Gerad Smith

Research Interests: Prehistoric economics, risk mitigation analysis, behavioral modeling, seasonal mobility, systems theory, Human Behavioral Ecology, Alaskan Interior prehistory

Education: BA Anthropology (2008) University of Montana, MA Anthropology (2012) University of Alaska Fairbanks (Thesis: Highland Hunters: Prehistoric Resource Use in the Yukon Tanana Uplands)
Email: gmsmith2 @ alaska.edu

Lisa Strecker

Research interests: ethnoecology, sled dog husbandry in the Arctic, ethnohistory, historical scientific accounts of the Russian Far East, ethnobotany, invasion biology
Education: MA University of Hamburg, Germany (Thesis: Ethnobotany of Kamchatka); UAF PhD student
Dissertation topic: Northern adaptations in Kamchatka: fishing for sled dogs or fishing for snow-machines?
Email: lstrecker @ alaska.edu

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