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I am currently the postdoctoral research fellow for a project titled, the Ethnohistory and ethnoarchaeology of reindeer herding on the Alaska Peninsula. With Patrick Plattet as the PI, this project is in collaboration with National Park Service, Alaska Regional Office and is funded by NPS Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU).

The project aim is to highlight the “American” period in Southwest Alaska by exploring the history of reindeer herding in the region. As a socio-cultural anthropologist with interests in northern anthropology, ethnohistory, material culture, and phenomenology, I hope to explore this history and its resulting legacies by broadly considering narratives and embodiments of place among residents of the Alaska Peninsula.

This reindeer herding project will build on the experiences I gained during my dissertation research, which focused on how people in northwest Alaska make and manipulate forms of material culture like raw materials, tools, historic artefacts, and contemporary art. For that research, I explored how people use material practices to generate social coordination, a concept I developed to encapsulate the creative resourcefulness whereby people weave things, places, and people into their practices of livelihood in order to make their lives go well. Four themes emerged from this focus, including: Alaska Native uses of material heritage as a strategy to achieve wellness, the production and sale of Alaska Native art for economic and cultural resilience in rural Alaska, negotiations of place and belonging, and everyday uses of built environments that articulate social transition.

010 Body Techniques of Health: Making products and shaping selves in northwest Alaska, Études/Inuit/Studies 34(2): 39-59.

2010 (with John Goodwin, Pearl Goodwin, Fay Ongtowasruk, Ron Senungetuk, and Barbara Weyiouanna), Living with Old things: Inupiaq Stories, Bering Strait Histories. Anchorage: U.S> National Park Service.

2011 PhD Anthropology, University of Aberdeen
2001 MPhil Polar Studies, University of Cambridge
1999 B.S. Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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