Thursday, February 27
• 11:00–1:00: Graduate student research presentations, 302 Bunnell (see schedule below)
• 1:00–2:00: Guided lab tour – see the new lab facilities (Starts in Gruening 103)
• 2:00–3:30: World Cuisine Reception (organized by the Anthropology Society), Room 309
• 3:30–4:30: Agency meetings – discussions of careers in Anthropology, Room 402
• 4:30–5:00: Alumni tour of new facilities
• 5:00–7:00: Alumni, emeriti, department friends RECEPTION – Room 402

Friday, February 28
3:30-5:00 pm – Anthropology Colloquium, Itelmen Stories (a film by Liivo Niglas and co-produced by David Koester and Liivo Niglas) 

Anthropology Graduate Student Presentation Schedule

11-1 Room 302

11:00 David Lukaszek PhD Biological Anthropology-Biomechanics/Paleoanthropology
11:07 Sandra Call MA Bioarchaeology-Osteology/Sex identification of subadults
11:14 Kathryn Dewey PhD Bioarchaeology-Population affinity/Alaska
11:21 Erin McAulay MA Biological Anthropology-Anthropological genetics/olfaction
11:28 Erin Dinneen MA Bioarchaeology-Stable isotope analysis
11:35 Crystal Glasburn  MA Archaeology-Stable isotope analysis/Alaska
11:42 Sharla Luxton MA Bioarchaeology-Stable isotope analysis/osteoporosis
11:49 Cecilie Ebsen MA Cultural Anthropology-Notions of health/Yupik women
11:56 Chris Behnke MA Resilience/Adaptation-Resource co-management/indigenous-government
12:30 Katherine Mulliken MA Archaeology human-environment interaction/Mead site
12:10 Caitlin Holloway MA Archaeology-geoarchaeology/Alaska
12:17 Caroline Crecelius MA Linguistic Anthropology-discourse analysis/Alaska archives
12:25 Nicole Dufour PhD Linguistic Anthropology-dog mushing/Alaska
12:32 Lisa Strecker PhD Cultural Anthropology-dogmushing and salmon/Kamchatka
12:39 Shiaki Kondo PhD Cultural Anthropology-human-animal interaction/Alaska
12:46 Tayana Arakchaa PhD Cultural Anthropology-reindeer herding/herders
12:52 Joseph Keeney MA Archaeology-Alaska Archaeology

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