Lower Tanana Pilot Project

In January 2011 we initiated a pilot project to consolidate indigenous place names for the Lower Tanana language in the region surrounding Minto Flats (Menhti).

Funding for this project was provided by National Science Foundation Alaska EPSCoR grant 335863, PI Gary Holton.

Results new

The results of the Lower Tanana Pilot Project include:

  • a 100-page listing of names
  • 3 full-color wall maps (36" x 48", 36" x 60")
  • ArcGIS geodatabase

These materials can be downloaded from the Alaska Native Language Archive as item TN981K2012.

Previous Lower Tanana place name maps and reports

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  • Thompson, Chad. ca. 1977. [Draft place name maps of Minto region]. Fairbanks: ANLA. (USGS quadrangles with marked codes for names. No key.)
  • Kari, James. n.d. Middle Tanana place name map. Ms.
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