Lower Tanana Pilot Project

In January 2011 we initiated a pilot project to consolidate indigenous place names for the Lower Tanana language in the region surrounding Minto Flats (Menhti).

Results new

The results of the Lower Tanana Pilot Project include:

  • a 100-page listing of names
  • 3 full-color wall maps (36" x 48", 36" x 60")
  • ArcGIS geodatabase

These materials can be downloaded from the Alaska Native Language Archive as item TN981K2012.

Previous Lower Tanana place name maps and reports

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  • Thompson, Chad. ca. 1977. [Draft place name maps of Minto region]. Fairbanks: ANLA. (USGS quadrangles with marked codes for names. No key.)
  • Kari, James. n.d. Middle Tanana place name map. Ms.
  • Kari, James. Lower Tanana Listening and Writing Exercises. Fairbanks: ANLC. [Online: Item TNMN981K1991c]
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