Peter John's 1991 remarks about a retaliatory raid at Troth Yetth

This recording, ANLC2531 (available at the Alaska Native Language Archive), was made by Jim Kari with Peter John on July 19, 1991, at UAF. The topic for Peter John was to discuss periods of warfare and some chiefs during these times. This narrative, which has been unpublished, was translated with Isabel Charlie in 1992.

Peter John made this cryptic comment about a retaliatory raid that took place at a Chena village located at Troth Yetth (also known as Troth Yeddha'). This is very likely the same event that Hester Evan described in her January 2001 recording. Peter John also gives the name of the Chena village chief at that time.

Donit Troth Yetth de de tr'ach'udeton' khedide dekheghw jo giga' nekhedhdatlde łdi'.
Upstream at ‘Indian Potato Ridge’ [College Hill] right here they [unnamed Athabascans]  made a round trip for retaliation.

Ch'etlk'onenh khwch'edoyona' ghila' beł tr'edi.
The one named Ch'etlk'onenh was the chief it is said.

Jo Troth Yetth de kheghontthit Ch'eno' kayekh khudh'onhde.
Here downland of ‘Potato Ridge’  was the Chena [people’s] village.       

Iga' tr'ach'udeton' khedi dekheghwnh nekhedhdatl.
So they say that they made a round-trip for the purpose of retaliation.

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