Dog Names in Alaska Native Languages

Common Expressions in Alaska Native Languages

On the Name Troth Yeddha' (Troth Yedda')

Native Placenames of the Fairbanks Area


Inuit Snow Terms: How Many
and What Does It Mean?


Alaska Native Language Relationships and Family Trees


Alaska Native Languages / Population and Speaker Statistics


Dene-Yeniseian Languages


Lingvisty dokazali rodstvo qzykovyx semej Azii i Severnoj Ameriki (pdf)


Focus Groups

The Focus Group on Language Revitalization is an interdisciplinary research group made up of Native and non-Native scholars in the fields of linguistics, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, education, and archiving. It focuses on Alaska Native languages.

Focus Group on Language Contact and Change conducts research on language contact and change in Alaska.


Language revitalization / Graduate work

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