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Format: paper

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ISBN: 0-933769-07-5

Date: 1983

Sitsiy Yugh Noholnik Ts'in' (As My Grandfather Told It)

by Attla, Catherine ; Jones, Eliza ; Axelrod, Melissa

Catherine Attla heard these traditional Koyukon folktales and spiritual stories during long winters when she was young. They were told to help the winter pass, or to "chew off part of it." Although not originally intended as children’s stories, this collection has been used as language learning aides in schools. The 18 texts were transcribed and translated by Eliza Jones and Melissa Axelrod and are illustrated by Cindy Davis. They include legends of the Great Raven, who shaped the world, lynx, willow grouse, and more. In Koyukon with English on facing pages. Includes illustrations, photos, and explanatory notes. Stories are told by Catherine Attla and transcribed and translated by Eliza Jones and Melissa Axelrod.

Language: Koyukon (KA04)

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