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Format: paper

Price: $8.00

ISBN: 1-55500-049-5

Date: Rpr 2002 (first published 1993)

Deg Xinag Dindlidik, Deg Xinag Literacy Manual

by Jerue, Alta ; Maillelle, Hannah ; Hargus, Sharon ; Taff, Alice

This book is for Native speakers who want to learn how to read and write their language, for others who want to learn how to speak, and still others who understand the language but want to learn how to talk as well as they read and write. Two CDs supplement the book. Lessons start with the smallest pieces of the language, individual sounds, and work up to long stories. Also included are common expressions, spelling drills, and suggested activities. Marginal notes provide keys to the audio CDs.

Language: Deg Xinag (IA12)

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