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ISBN: 0-933769-12-1

Date: Rpr 2003 (first published 1981)

Athabascan Stories from Anvik

by Chapman, John ; Kari, James

Sixteen stories from Anvik told in Deg Hit'an Athabascan, written down by the Rev. John Chapman, who founded the Episcopalian Christ Church Mission in Anvik in 1887 and lived there until 1931. Linguist James Kari and several Deg Hit'an speakers transcribed Chapman's texts sentence by sentence for this 1981 publication. Narratives include legends of Raven who made Light, Wolverine and his brothers, the sun and moon, the blind man, the jealous wife, and the adventures of a mouse. Illustrations and photos.

Language: Deg Xinag (IA01)

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