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ISBN: 1-55500-047-0

Date: 2nd (first published 2001)

Aleut Dictionary (Unangam Tunudgusii)

by Bergsland, Knut

This comprehensive dictionary of the Aleut language is the result of fieldwork and scholarship documenting the vocabulary of the people who live on the tip of the Alaska Peninsula, the Aleutian Chain, and the Pribilof Islands. Aleut place names and personal names, along with dialect locations and dates of attestation and sentence examples, are included. A general introduction explains the Aleut sound system, writing system, and the differences between dialects. Ten appendices provide lists of loan words from Russian and Eskimo, numerals, and kinship terms. More than 1,600 place names are plotted on 33 maps, and an English index gives quick reference to 14,000 words. English index. Includes maps, bibliography.

Language: Unangan (Aleut) (AL07)

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