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ISBN: 0-933769-11-3

Date: 1992

Neets'all Gwiindaii (Living in the Chandalar Country)

by Peter, Katherine

This book represents a remarkable chapter in the life of a remarkable woman. Katherine Peter chronicles the major episones of her young married life, beginning in 1936. The details and subtleties of Gwich'in life are portrayed in her descriptions of a nomadic life in the boreal forests of northeastern Alaska. Upon her marriage to Steven Peter, Katherine moved to Arctic Village, beginning the period of her life this book is about. She was a woman educated in both Gwich'in and English, now living traditionally off the land. The text is printed here in Gwich'in with facing-page English translation. In 1993, this work earned an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation. Photos, map, Native place names, index.

Language: Gwich'in (GA27)

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