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ISBN: 0-933769-02-4

Date: Rpr, rev (first published 1982)

John Fredson Edward Sapir Haa Googwandak (Stories Told by John Fredson to Edward Sapir)

by Sapir, Edward

In the summer of 1923, the great linguist and scholar of Native American languages Edward Sapir had the good fortune of meeting John Fredson during the time Fredson was studying and working in Pennsylvania. Fredson, a Gwich'in Athabascan from Fort Yukon, was certainly one of the most distinguished Alaskans of his time. He was an expert speaker of both Gwich'in and English, and he was also well known for his skills as a musician, orator, trapper, wood carver, river pilot, surveyor, and teacher. In this collection of stories, Fredson tells of life in the Yukon Flats during the early twentieth century. The narratives fall into two categories: autobiography and Native ways, and traditional stories, all printed in Gwich'in with English translations. Also included is a general introduction providing historical context and a biographical sketch of John Fredson by folklorist Craig Mishler. Includes photos.

Language: Gwich'in (GA16)

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