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ISBN: 0-933769-16-4 / 1-55500-015-0

Date: 2nd (first published 1979)

Niigugis Maqaxtazaqangis (Atkan Historical Traditions)

by Snigaroff ; Bergsland, Knut

"Now I shall tell you a little of what I know about how our people lived in the early days. I shall tell you a little of what I have heard about how they lived in a village here in the early days, when the village was at Old Harbor," begins Cesar L. Snigaroff's engrossing recounting of the history of Aleuts on Atka Island, near the western end of the Aleutian Islands. The accounts include the arrival of Russian traders and a dramatic battle. His words were recorded in 1952 by linguist Knut Bergsland and translated with the help of Snigaroff's daughter Vera. This second edition has the Aleut text and the English translation on facing pages.

Language: Unangan (Aleut) (AL02)

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