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Format: paper

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ISBN: 1-55500-012-6

Date: 1980

Nats'ats'a Ch'adhah Ahkhii (How I Tan Hides)

by Peter, Katherine

This is Katherine Peter's account of how she tans moose hides, a skill she learned from her mother-in-law in Arctic Village. Photographs show many of the steps described. The text is in Gwich'in with English translations. People in different areas have their own ways of tanning hides. Katherine's method is just one of the traditional Athabascan ways. She uses only one commercially made tool -- the knife -- and no chemicals other than soap. The result is the soft, durable, golden-brown hide from which moccasins, gloves, and other garments are made. The text, illustrated with photographs, is in Gwich'in with English translation.

Language: Gwich'in (GA13)

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