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ISBN: 1-877962-13-9

Date: Rpr (first published 1990)

Mumigcistet Kalikait (The Translator's Book)

by Alexie, Oscar ; Barnes, Sophie ; Dominick, Gerald

Court translators, health workers, natural resource managers, journalists, and many others who require translations of common words from English into Yup’ik will find here a useful tool. Originally published by the Yup’ik Language Center in Bethel, Mumigcistet Kalikait is a compilation of terms in the fields of medicine, law, and fish and game management. Elders from various Yup’ik areas helped in compiling these terms. When dialect variation occurs, several words are given and clearly labeled as to origin. Includes index.

Language: Central Alaskan Yup'ik (CY21)

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