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ISBN: 1-55500-075-4

Date: Rpr 2005 (first published 2001)

Martha Teeluk-aam Qulirat Avullri Erinairissuutekun Ukunek Yugnek Evon Benedict, Charlie Hootch, Anna Lee, Matilda Oscar, Isaac Tuntusuk-llu

by Teeluk, Martha ; Jacobson, Anna

In 1961, during the time Martha Teeluk and Irene Reed worked together at the University of Alaska, Martha recorded many stories from Yup'ik elders. Now, in this and the accompanying volume, the narratives are at last collected and available to the next generations of Yup'ik people. As Anna Jacobson explains in her preface to the texts, "From time immemorial, the Yup'ik people shared what they had because it was their custom and cultural requirement to do so. Perhaps these storytellers thought these stories would be heard or read by children of today and felt hope and gratitude that this might become so. These stories are in a sense gifts from those people whom Martha Teeluk recorded." The stories are presented here without English translations. Illustrations by Susie Moses. Illustrated.

Language: Central Alaskan Yup'ik (CY19)

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