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Format: paper

Price: $19.00

ISBN: 1-55500-070-3

Date: 1999

Kipnirmiut Tiganrita Igmirtitlrit Qipnermiut Tegganrita Egmirtellrit (Legacy of the Kipnuk Elders)

by Fredson, Alice ; Mann, Mary Jane ; Dock, Elena ; Wyman, Leisy Thornton

Through a series of narratives, the elders of Kipnuk relate rare and valuable material including rules of ethical behavior, prohibitions and commandments, and warnings against committing transgressions. The traditions of the ancestors are illustrated through the favorable or unfavorable results that ensued from adherence to or violation of these rules. The stories are presented in two Yup’ik writings systems: the Moravian writing system and the modern practical orthography. They are printed side-by-side for comparison, without English translation. Includes illustrations, photos.

Language: Central Alaskan Yup'ik (CY18)

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