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Date: 2010

Working Papers in Athabaskan Languages 2009

by Tuttle, Siri ; Spence, Justin

Chapters: 1. "'Dene-Yeniseian' and the Rest of Dene-Caucasian: Part 3: The Burusho-Yeniseian (Karasuk) Hypothesis; Part 4: Burusho-Dene," John D. Bengtson; 2. "Distribution and Function of Comparative Aspect in Athabaskan/Dene," Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten; 3. "Vowel Quality and Duration in Yukon Deg Xinag," Sharon Hargus; "Behind the Map: The Reification of Indigenous Language Boundaries in Alaska," Gary Holton; "Word Order in Hupa," Lindsey Newbold; "Dene-Yeniseian and Dene-Caucasian: Pronouns and Other Thoughts," George Starostin.

Language: Comparative Athabaskan (WP08)

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