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Format: paper, audio

Price: $44.00

ISBN: 1-55500-090-8

Date: 3rd (first published 2006)

Dena'ina Sukdua (Traditional Stories of the Tanaina Athabaskans)

by Tenenbaum, Joan ; Evan, Antone ; Evan, Alexie ; Delkitte, G., Trefon, Katherine, and Trefon, Mary

The art of oral narrative folklore is richly illustrated in this collection of traditional tales recorded by five Dena'ina Athabaskan storytellers. Third edition. Book has illustrations, photos, and a bibliography. With audio CD. Compiled by Joan Tenenbaum; edited and transcribed by Joan Tenenbaum and Mary Jane McGrary.

Language: Dena'ina (TA32)

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