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ISBN: 1-55500-000-2

Date: 1986 (first published 1986)

Tatl'ahwt'aenn Nenn' The Headwaters People's Country

by Kari, James

Twenty-one narratives focus on stories about historical events and traditional territory of the Upper Ahtna Athabascans, showing that these people have played a major role in both the ancient and modern history of the region. The "Headwaters Country," with its system of mountain passes through the Alaska Range and its salmon and game resources, was an area of special importance. Narratives about major events in the prehistory and history of the Upper Ahtna include examples of potlatch oratory, a listing of the succession of chiefs, and a discussion of language relationships in the region. Other narratives emphasize Native place names, trail systems, and land use in the early twentieth century. The stories are presented in alternating lines of Ahtna and English, allowing for close comparison and stimulating learning. Includes illustrations, photos, maps, and bibliography.

Language: Ahtna (AA08)

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